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Brooks Poston

Brooks Poston

Postby nynighthawk » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:19 am

Here’s a fantastic Manson Family item you’re not likely to ever
see offered again. In the late 1980’s, one-time Charles Manson
associate Brooks Poston surfaced from Death Valley and embarked
on a brief musical tour of Los Angeles with a lovely and multi-talented
female partner, Jane Boltinhouse. They were seeking to promote sales
for three cassette albums they had recorded in 1984. Many of you will
recall the haunting, acid-soaked folk songs that Brooks and fellow Family
member Paul Watkins played and sang in the famous 1973 Manson
documentary … these albums have that exact eerie kind of music
throughout … in fact, several of the songs are the very same ones he
routinely performed with Charlie Manson and company during the Spahn
and Barker ranch periods. I happened to befriend Brooks and Jane during
the tour and obtained an original set of these three releases which I had
them autograph on the backside of the cardstock cassette covers. I’ll be
offering these three signed cassettes in individual auctions this week …
Shortly after I obtained these albums, Brooks and Jane were summoned
by their long-time guru Paul Crockett and suddenly fled L.A. to return to
the desert. Crockett had informed them that he had “inside info” that Los
Angeles would soon be destroyed by a major earthquake … Brooks and
Jane promptly vanished and haven’t been heard from since. Crockett was
the crusty Death Valley miner who had wrestled Brooks and Paul Watkins
away from Manson in a famous 1969 power play that nearly got them all
killed. He retained an iron grip on Poston and Watkins long after their
departures from the Manson gang and actually hastened Paul’s demise
by coaxing him to delay seeking professional medical treatment for a fast-
spreading cancer. Crockett convinced Paul that he should instead pay him
hefty fees for frequent “psychic healing” counseling sessions.
The cassette offered in this auction is entitled “Live and Otherwise :
Volume One ” and features 12 intensely beautiful and catchy tunes,
including original Manson era songs Young Girl, Is It That You Recall and
Bright Yellow. This album really showcases Brooks’ fine mastery of the 12
string guitar and Jane’s powerful multi-octave singing voice and skill with
a variety of woodwinds. In spite of being a full 25 years old, this scarce
cassette plays like new and sounds great. Comes with a nice, exclusive
candid 5 x 7” inkjet photo print of Brooks and Jane from their Los Angeles
tour days. Guaranteed Authentic.

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Re: Brooks Poston

Postby Webmaster » Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:24 pm

Crockett is still offering his services to paying clients.
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Re: Brooks Poston

Postby hft » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:32 am

Brooks Poston and Jane Boltinghouse headed up a group called "Desert Sun" in the mid-70's. They professionally recorded some tapes in 1975 -- very good music in my humble opinion. No luck getting the stuff released. Other members of the group included Donna Roberts (piano), Phil Ochoa (Bass), Charlie something (lead guitar). Paul Crockett was an occasional visitor at practice sessions. They were working out of the Riverside area at the time, playing a few gigs at places like the Mission Inn. They were being promoted by some UC Riverside graduate students.

I have not seen or heard from them since 1976. Anyone have a clue to their whereabouts?
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Re: Brooks Poston

Postby Webmaster » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:48 am

Several years ago I knew Brooks' location. It was the west coast, but I don't recall where, now. I should have that info saved somewhere around here but wouldn't want to post it. I haven't heard of him performing in public in a long time.
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